Death Tonight front cover

Death Tonight

John Thomas

A place to be travelled through very quickly, without stopping, is the England of the late-21st century in which human conceptions are reprocessed by the State, lifespans are limited by "usefulness", the ubiquitous Care Bureau reports on everyone and everything - and TV gameshows are truly deadly affairs.

Carry (D659803) a fugitive lolly, Anna the underground proddy-puller, and illicit product Frang, are escaping from the vicious Commander Ronammo, with the help of Gerde the fowl-bargee, Annas young apprentice Fid, and tintinabulist twins Yayan and Yuan. Meanwhile, Mags, a "poor old mess of a man", struggles with a worn-out truck that stands between him and terminal redundancy ... But the Rulership, in their secluded, luxurious apartments - Haamun, and his all-obliging pet Onesimus, Guerlock, Director of the State Security Service, and, Governor of all, the pale, chilling, Brumis - live a very different kind of life

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2013 ISBN 978-0-9534304-8-2

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