About John Thomas

JOHN THOMAS (who, born in 1951, comes from the English Midlands) has been writing and publishing since 1973. Most of his early work concerned his academic interests – historic/religious architecture and art, in which subjects he has four university degrees – but at the same time he wrote a number of stories and novels which – perhaps mercifully - found no success. Work with various editors and publishers, brief study at the London School of Publishing, and other writing jobs, helped him, in 1999, launch Twin Books, whose list features mainly his own work, plus that of a few others. He has also devoted much time to writing plays, and even performing his own material (once, dressed as a gorilla), and even a short comedy sketch. He also performed (amateur!) in the musical drama Promise of Power, and in 2009 “author John Thomas” appeared in one of his works (played by a professional actor). While for long working in the provision of electronic academic information (including e-books), his commitment to the printed – and illustrated – word is considerable; producing Twin Books, above all, provides him with the pure pleasure of actually designing and making books.