Ruins, Rooms & Reveries

John Thomas

'Fragrant Memories', & Architectural Pleasures, of a Worcestershire Village, GREAT WITLEY, In The Years 1957 - 1984

"It is all wrong, I know, to seek to recall experiences of past joy, places of deep contentment, or visions' sources. Apparently Wordsworth spent his later life chasing the phantoms of youth's fevered intimations. But C. S. Lewis has cautioned us that all such disclosures and visions are just the pointer to reality; not the thing itself, but the signpost to the thing, the indicator of the way; that all our longing and questing is just the search for something beyond the image; that searching of any kind is always for something other than that which we actually perceive. ..."


2001 ISBN 0 9534304 1 3 37pp.

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