Teddei Thirty

John Thomas

A Story Arising from Christian Reflections on the Third Millennium

"Paul realised that Dice's visits to him had begun to take the form of a certain unwinding, a kind of release of tension after a night of conflict. It was hard to imagine all these youngsters out there killing one another, stealing to stay alive, dying hideously ... but it was very real".

In a nightmare future world, ruled by the State Security Service, and the tenets of the State Spirituality cult, Christians exist in an underground twilight of fear and repression - and young people live only through gang violence and crime. The unchecked corrosion of relativism, the inevitable amorality of materialism, and the mis-use of scientific techniques, have combined to produce a hideous future which is all-too possible.

Copies are no longer available, however, Teddei Thirty is included in:
The Welsh Dresser & Various Tails

2002 ISBN 0 9534304 2 1 27pp.