Current Titles
Aubrey Annersley’s Lucky Day
Newly-retired minor employee Aubrey Annersley feels in need of a long rest, after decades at Blackingly Borough Council. Instead, he teams up with an odd bunch of septuagenarians and a Gothic-looking IT expert, and finds himself trying to answer life’s oldest questions - aided by a love of housework and a dreadful sense of humour.
Death Tonight
A place to be travelled through very quickly, without stopping, is the England of the late-21st century – in which human conceptions are reprocessed by the State, lifespans are limited by “usefulness”, the ubiquitous Care Bureau reports on everyone and everything - and TV gameshows are truly deadly affairs … This future-dystopian fantasy describes the kind of future we seem to be entering into.
Not Long Now
Novice art historian Daisy Taylor digs deep into the past of tragic, failed painter Robert Levenham – only to experience danger, personal revelations, and more than she bargained for about her own precarious origins...
Beyond This Wilderness
A long-secreted document exposes events of badness and suffering two centuries ago; but the source of the evil – and also hope - is still very much present, in this gothic tale of dark events in rural England.
Christianity and Materialism. The Church, And the World, In Western Society
The perilous situation that Christianity is in, in the West, arose not out of recent controversies, but resulted in the slow but sure acceptance, in European thought, of materialist philosophies and world-views, the foundation of which the Churches were far too ready to accept.
The Welsh Dresser & Various Tails
A highly original collection of ten stories.
Department E
Desire, Acquire, Consume, Gratify! Blame! Complain! Object! Disdain!. Self! Self! Self! The values, concerns and pseudo-philosophies that rule our world are exposed in this new fictional work...
Teddei Thirty
Security-services violence, state-sponsored "spirituality", genetic manipulation, juvenile gang killing ... our future world?
A painting entitled Benebella is found in a dusty second-hand shop in a back-street of Edwardian London, and it has a curious effect on the young insurance clerk, Abel Smythe, who finds it there...
Ruins, Rooms & Reveries
This inspiring memoir of childhood days spent in Worcestershire, England, describes the discovery of the power and romance of historic buildings and places, and the almost spiritual effect of place and environment on a young mind.