Not Long Now

John Thomas

Now confined to a care home, tragic, failed painter Robert Levenham is physically bound by his circumstances, and the effects of his dementia – but that doesn’t stop his mind ranging over the ideals and efforts of his life, and the hidden knowledge that beneath the calm exterior of his work, lies a secret of a strange, unsuspected kind.

When embarking on her first research project, novice art historian Daisy Taylor never imagines that she will encounter family revelations, motiveless aggression, and personal danger, and discover more than she bargained for about her own precarious origins.

Set mostly in St. Ives, Cornwall, Not Long Now explores the meaning and purpose of a person’s life, when looked back on, beneath the outer façade of the commonplace identity that everyone knows and sees.

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2012 ISBN 978-0-9534304-7-5

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